Sunday, October 8, 2017

Return Express Bus from Muar to Kuala Lumpur

If you want to go back to Kuala Lumpur (KL) from Muar with bus, you can head over to Muar Express Bus Station. There are a few bus operators going to KL with buses every other hour. Two most used buses are Mayang Sari and Maharani.

Counter 4 Maharani Bus
Mayang Sari Bus has a few counters

Whenever you arrive at the bus station, a few man will approach you to sell you bus ticket. Don’t worry they won’t cheat you. They are getting paid by the bus operator and you will get real ticket.

In front of ticket counter

If they ask, you can just tell them where you want to go. They will ask you to pay and give your ticket. Sometimes, they will bring you to the counter to get the ticket. Prepare small change as it will makes thing easier for them too. Ticket bus RM 17.60.

Behind ticket counter is taxi center and a small food court


Or, you can just go directly to the counter and buy your ticket. Sometimes you can choose your ticket seat, but sometimes you are given random seat number. Please ask your bus plate number and whether the bus is already here. They usually just shout for bus announcement. So, you need to be aware.

You can wait in front of ticket counter standing or take a seat in front of bus platform. They are two small shop selling drinks and snacks. When your bus arrives, give your ticket to the bus conductor. Sometimes they tell you to sit in the bus first and they will ask for your ticket later.

You can sit here while waiting for your bus.

Buses at their platform

Be aware that sometimes most of the passenger did not sit according to their seat number. You can seat anywhere then. The ride will takes about 2.5 hours with no toilet break and most of the bus will stop at Terminal Bandar Selatan (TBS), Kuala Lumpur.

If you want to get off at other bus terminal like Pudu, you need to ask at the counter as not bus went there. Below are timetable for buses from Muar to Kuala Lumpur daily.

Maharani bus time table

 Maharani bus to KL from Muar start at 8am and the last bus at 6pm. Bus come every one hour.

Mayang Sari bus timetable
Mayang Sari bus the earliest to KL is 7.30 am. Bus arrive every 30 minutes - 1 hour.

Discount rate
For senior citizen, OKU and kids please show your card to get discounted price ticket. There is also free Johor wifi here, but you need to register online first.

Its easy to come to Muar from Kuala Lumpur. And when you arrive here, remember to call 016-382 7895 to book a homestay.